Meet Dino Product – who we are?

We are a group of businessmen, scientists, qualified artists (sculptors, paleoartists) and craftsmen.

By combining the knowledge of our experts - since 2007 as Dino Product - we have been making and delivering very professional products: lifesize figures/models of dinosaurus for theme parks, human figures, other models for movie productions, advertising, dioramas for museums, theme parks and special realisations for individual clients and needs.

You can meet our works in Poland, France, Germany and in United States (Moab, Utah) on international tradeshows, great events and picnics in whole Europe.

Our works and expierence - What we do?

10 years of experience succesfully completed on polish and international market.

    We make and deliver figures/models/sculptures for outdoor and indoor use:
  • Lifesize scupltures, models, figures – human and animal figures for theme parks, dinosaur statues (our flagships products), sea creatures, special models for movie productions, tradeshows, exhibitons and individual orders – over 500 pieces lifesizemodels/figures for network theme parks in Poland and abroad.
  • Arrangements of the theme parks, museums, restaurants – interior desing
  • We build and design – theme parks, museums, dioramas, restaurants
  • Individual orders – ask what you need – we will answer every typical and unthypicall question.

Everything starts with an idea - How do we work?

Our designs are made with exceptional precision, with attention to detail in consultation with scientists at every stage of production.

Our products has a high resistance to weather conditions - our dinosaur/human models and figures stand in the heat and snow. Material we use in our work: styrofoam, silicon, resin, fiber-glass, plasticine.

Our last projects


In an unusual interactive museum pavilion together we’ll traverse a journey through time. Crossing the threshold of Science and Human Evolution Park you decide to participate in an extraordinary event. We’ll entangle you in complex fate of the World. You will become a witness of fascinating transfor- mations and join the selected group of time travelers – “temponauts”! And your adventure will begin 66 million years ago, when life on Earth was almost wiped out. Almost ... because after all continues."

Our team was responsible for preparing the interior of the tunnel of time, building models of first humans: Homo Erectus, Australopithecus, Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and other works such as wall paintings.



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